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Meet the Staff

Editor in Chief:


Hey everyone. I’m Pawleng, also known as Ramen, Kazuki, and FlameWingman28. My real name is classified info. I’m a political writer, editor-in-chief, and the true mastermind of this site. Like most political people, I am corrupt, mean, and evil, but I’m nice other than that. I’m very critical of society, and have given up hope on its improvement. I’m an avid reader, and my favorite book is Orwell’s 1984.

I believe in full disclosure, so I guess I’ll tell you my ideological standpoints. I’m socially liberal, and near the center otherwise. I supported Barack Obama for president.


Nocturnal Melody

Hello, I am Nocturnal Melody, one of the two serving editors of The Global Tribune. I have a wide variety of interests, which will eventually be reflected in my blog entries. During my term as the editor, I plan to cover various political news stories in the world. However, I aim to cover these stories through a strictly unbiased perspective, so my political position will not influence my writing.

Aside from the serious topics, I will also cover the latest and the hottest in the world of entertainment and technology. Once in a while, I will also do recaps of various episodes of Television series, especially ones on high demand.

Divine Nova

Hello everyone, I am Divine Nova, but you can just call me Divine. The main articles I will be posting about are obviously reviews on music, movies and video games, as well as release dates and sneak peeks (when I can get them) of the aforementioned areas. I will also be copy pasting posting important business and financial news as well as other interesting news, but of a not-so-important nature.

Unlike my fellow editor Nocturnal Melody, I will be adding a little bit of personal commentary at the end of each news article. I feel that this makes reading a little more interesting, and perhaps will help readers understand what is going on, particularly for business or financial news, and the possible implications of such news. Nonetheless, while readers are free to comment on my view of things, please respect my opinions, and I will respect yours in return.

Chief Correspondent:

Eternal Resonance (Gaming)

Well hello there, I am Eternal Resonance, but you can called me… Ressy. I will be here to comment, review and post up any breaking news on video games, music, movies and any news from the UK/world that catches my interest. Apart from the general news items my posts will often revolve around my personal feelings toward the topic in hand. I like to think of myself as open-minded so I will try to provide as clear an opinion as I can possibly make.

If you have any objections to my posts or feel there is something you wish to ask/comment on personally then feel free to let me know!

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