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BlazBlue to get a home release

March 11, 2009

BlazBlue - Calamity Trigger

Good news for any fighting game fan out there, Arc System Works have finally confirmed a console release for their popular arcade fighting game BlazBlue. Prior to contrary belief that the game was to be PS3 exclusive, ArcSys have confirmed the game is to be released for both the PS3 and XBox 360.

For any of you unfamiliar with the game, BlazBlue is a high-definition 2D fighter from the people who brought us the Guilty Gear series. It is currently available in arcades around the world.

It seems like ArcSys are going all out to ensure players get their money’s worth with the console release. The additions confirmed are:-

  • Branching Stories based on battles and events with multiple endings for each character, giving players a 30+ hour experience.
  • Full voice acting for the story mode cutscenes.
  • Animation sequences are made by popular anime studio GONZO.
  • Anime Opening featuring a new song by Japanese musician Kotoko.
  • English Voice acting with the option to switch it back to Japanese, something akin to SF4.
  • All characters unlocked from the start, so there’s no annoying “complete arcade with x to get y” business.
  • Astral Finishes for ALL characters, as opposed to the arcade version only giving them to a select few characters.
  • Online Network with a Lobby system. Up to 6 players can connect to a room and play each other. Anyone who isn’t playing can observe the matches as they are played out.
  • Said Online mode allows players to recordand upload their matches, possibly with top players having their matches recorded and uploadedby default.
  • Added colour palettes with possible colour edit.
  • New stages exclusive to console.
  • Possible DLC

The list of English Voice Actors is as follows:-

Ragna the Bloodedge – Crispin Freemanrgn001
Jin Kisaragi – Johnny Yong Boschjin001
Noel Vermillion – Stephanie Shehnel001
Iron Tager – Richard Epcartag001
Rachel Alucard – Michelle Ruffrcl001
Taokaka – Kari Wahlgrentok001
Litchi Faye Ling – Tara Plattlch001
Arakune – Terrence Stoneark001
Bang Shishigami – Skip Stellrechtbng001
Carl Clover – Laura Baileycarl001
Haku-men – ???hkm001Nu-13 – ??? new001

All images courtesy of Arc System Works.

Right now there is no confirmed date for release but they have confirmed a North American release and have stated early summer for Japan, so we will see closer to the date.

The Wheel of Fate is Turning,

Eternal Resonance.

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