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Three-day Conference on Climate Change, Scientists Will Gather on Tuesday

March 9, 2009

Beginning Tuesday, scientists will launch its three-day conference aiming to update the latest status report on climate change, providing the most up-to-date information since the United Nation’s report two years ago. The conclusion of such a report will be presented to the various country representatives through an International climate summit in December.

The discussion between the various policy-makers in the summit will result in a new global agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol in 2012.

The previous 2007 report was the created through the combined effort of thousands of scientists, with evidence and possible effects of global warming. There is, however, new evidence to global warming that the previous 2007 report did not indicate. The melting of the polar ice caps would directly affect the rising of sea levels, which would cause flooding in areas of low elevation.

As indicated through current evidence, the possible rise in sea level is now perceived to be far greater than what scientists had previously predicted.

The conclusions of the report will be made public on June 1.

(Source: iht)

My Thoughts:

Considering that I am no science expert, nor am I an environmentalist, there is really nothing for me to comment on. However, we all have to realize that Global warming is undeniably real, and that changes needs to be done.

You might be thinking that global warming would not have any real effect on earth until you are already dead, and that it is┬áthe next generation’s problem. However, if we don’t change our ways of living, there might not even be a next generation to begin with.

Therefore, I encourage all of you people to shrink your ecological footprint, and provide not only for yourself, but also for your children and your children’s children, with a better future.

You can post comments here with ways for which you plan to shrink your ecological footprints.

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