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My Week in Gaming

March 9, 2009

Every Monday I’ll post up what I played over the previous week and give a short description. It’s like a “gaming diary”, for anyone who is sad enough to track my gaming life.

Monday 2nd – A few hours of Enchanted Arms, a pretty half-assed RPG. It’s only real selling point for me it the nice character design.

Tuesday 3rd Р Dragonslayers, a university club of which I run the gaming for. Had a few goes on SF3 and SF4, some Guilty Gear and a little bit of Rock Band 2.

Wednesday 4th – Rested from gaming. Read some gaming news, watched some Youtube videos. A lazy day.

Thursday 5th – Played some Dawn of War: Soulstorm online with friends. Had a jolly old time and spread the love of Chaos to others.

Friday 6th – Round at a friend’s house, I played some Smash Bros. Brawl mainly using Marth and experimented some more with Pit and Snake. Finished the night with Rock Band.

Saturday 7th – Played Last Remnant followed by some Tales of the Abyss. I would normally go out and have a few (too many) drinks with friends on Saturdays but as I am extremely poor at the minute I had to pass and spent the night grinding out levels in RPGs instead…

Sunday 8th – A friend and fellow Street Fighter came round and we practised some SF3 for the upcoming Ranking Battle (a fighting game league) here in Belfast. After the practise session we played some SF4. Once he left I jumped on Tales of the Abyss for a few hours.

How Eventful,

Internal Resonance

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