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Welcome to My World

March 8, 2009

It is only customary that every blogger start off their blog entry with a brief introduction of themselves, thus I shall do the same.  

I am a Chinese university student living in Canada. Despite my various other academic interests, I am currently aiming to major in a Political Science degree at the University of British Columbia. I am sure most of you would probably be saying, “An Asian who isn’t majoring in commerce or something Math related? That’s preposterous!” Well true be told, I am just simply not that good at Math, or anything else that involves numbers. Nevertheless, I am quite happy with my current academic standing.

As for my position on The Global Tribune, I am currently one of the two serving Editors. Aside from that, I am also the technical manager of the entire blog, so it is my job to keep this place running as smoothly as possible. If you encounter any difficulties with the blog, feel free to email me, and I will do my very best to solve it.

In my blog entries, I will be covering various political news and events that occur around the world. One thing to note, however, is that I tend not be judgmental of the stories that I report, unless on particualr events. I will try to keep my political and ethical views to myself, and not let it influence my writings.  Nonetheless, I am still merely human, so I will once in a while show certain emotions to events that are particularly dear to me. With every news stories, I too will give a little feedback, including my take on the event. Besure to remember, however, that I am not trying to impose my ideas and beliefs on you the readers.

Aside from the serious stuff, I will often report stories on the entertainment world as well. One thing I particularly like to do is movie / T.V. / book reviews, so be sure to look out for those in the near future.

There is also an experimental idea that I am currently working with, but nothing is final so I will not reveal it until then.

Now that you know a little about me and my style of blogging, be sure to look out for my blog entries in the near future.

Until next time, happy reading!

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