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[TRC Anime] Gundam 00 S2 ep.22 Summary

March 8, 2009

[WARNING: Contains Heavy Spoilers. Read at your own risk.]

The second battle between Graham Mr. Bushido and Setsuna continues as we see a little flashback involving what seems to be bushido training. Mr. Bushido succeeds in disarming Setsuna and nearly destroys 00 Raiser, but Setsuna blocks the blade using 00 Raiser’s hands (an oft-used move in other anime) and breaks the blade. Setsuna then proceeds to slice off the Susanoo’s hands, finishing the battle. Mr. Bushido comes out of the cockpit and urges Setsuna to kill him, but Setsuna chooses to spare Mr. Bushido, claming that he fights to live on.


Setsuna, will you marry kill me?

Back at the Ptolemy, Setsuna tells the other crew members of Veda’s location, which is the dark side of the moon (doesn’t that sound so familiar? <_<).  The Ptolemy then gets some new supplies, as well as new equipment for all the Gundams.  After a few inspirational words from everyone, they head off to Veda’s location.

Naturally though, a large A-LAWS fleet is waiting for them at Lagrange-2. Also [MASSIVE spoiler warnings] Ribbons appears.








The Clone Wars: Ribbons style

Mr. Bushido tries to commit seppuku (a ritual suicide done by samurais), but can’t do it. In a nice little heartwarming moment, Feldt gives Setsuna a flower. She worries that it will anger Marina, but Setsuna once again denies their relationship and leaves.

During the battle against A-LAWS, Setsuna uses the Raiser Sword (aka. that huge-ass beam saber) to destroy 3 ships, only to trigger a trap: a large beam distortion field. A large group of GN X-IIIs and Aheads charge in to attack, and the Ptolemy once again seems to be in trouble. But before long, they are saved by… Katharon! Who finally does something useful. The ESF coup d’etat also appears, now lead by Colonel Kati Mannequin. Using this little distraction, Setsuna activates Trans-Am again and destroys the A-LAWS flagship, allowing the Ptolemy and rebel forces to advance.


After the ED, Ribbons and Regene are seen in a room. Ribbons comments that he has known about Regene’s treachery all along. Angered, Regene pulls out a gun and shoots Ribbons in the head, apparently killing him. Regene then remarks that he will be the one to guide the humans.

(Original screenshots from Random Curiosity)

[Divine’s Commentary]

Yet another wonderful episode. The second part of the Bushido vs Setsuna fight was a bit too short for my liking,  but it does show Setsuna’s significant character development since the first season. I do hope we’ll be seeing Graham Mr. Bushido again though (and Ali for that matter).  Feldt seems to have developed feelings for Setsuna now. It really seems that she has some kind of Gundam Meister complex, lol. But with only 3 episodes left, the possibility of much, if any, romantic development seem slim, especially as we are talking about someone who says things like “I AM GUNDAM”. -__-

The A-LAWS lying in wait and setting traps for CB is getting just a tad old now, although getting to see Katharon doing something USEFUL for once (other than being grunt fodder) is is always a nice bonus. Seeing Kati with the rebels is also awesome, I’m still waiting on the possibility that she and Sumeragi will work together for an episode or two and come up with some great tactics.

All in all though, the episode is very worth watching just for that one moment at the 11-minute mark and the other scene at the end. If anything, the writers seem to be entirely prepared to cram a few more head-spinning plot twists into the last 3 episodes of the series. We can only wait and see how this excellent series will come to a close.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Nocturnal Melody permalink
    March 8, 2009 10:48 PM

    One of the best episodes of this season, especially since Al actually did something for a change.

    And I doubt Ribbons is actually dead. =/

  2. Kappa permalink
    March 9, 2009 10:11 AM

    I agree that the fight scenes are waaay too short! We demand more action!!!!

  3. Kappa permalink
    March 10, 2009 4:49 AM

    I agree that there isn’t enough action!!! WE DEMAND MORE ACTION!!! And, OF COURSE Ribbons is not dead, if he can make clones of Random Soldier, he should have definitely thought of cloning himself first…

  4. December 12, 2009 6:47 PM

    OMG loved reading your article. I submitted your feed to my google reader!!

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