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The Reality Check #0

March 8, 2009

Since my fellow editors have already posted their introductions, it is only natural that I should be doing the same.

I am Divine Nova, but you can just call me Divine.  I currently live in Australia (but I’m Chinese) and am a final year university student studying Commerce.  With a degree like that, some would instantly brand me as a ‘nerd’, but my main areas of interest are in music and movies, as well as the occasional TV series. Nothing very nerdy here… yet.  I also do the odd GFX work, and enjoy video games as much as anyone (I mean, who doesn’t love video games? =X).

With that little introduction out of the way, time to get to the bread and butter of this post. The main articles I will be posting about are obviously reviews on music, movies and video games, as well as release dates and sneak peeks (when I can get them) of the aforementioned areas. I will also be copy pasting posting important business and financial news as well as other interesting news, but of a not-so-important nature.

Unlike my fellow editor Nocturnal Melody, I will be adding a little bit of personal commentary at the end of each news article. I feel that this makes reading a little more interesting, and perhaps will help readers understand what is going on, particularly for business or financial news, and the possible implications of such news. Nonetheless, while readers are free to comment on my view of things, please respect my opinions, and I will respect yours in return.

Now that you know a little bit about me and what I will be talking about, stay tuned for daily (or more than once per day) Reality Checks from yours truly!

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