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The First Rant

March 8, 2009

Yeah, this is going to be an angry rant. Deal with it. I’m going to be blunt, if you don’t like it, tough. Go read elsewhere if you don’t like my truthfulness or intellect.

I guess that to start off my political section of the Global Tribune, I should first disclose my positions, with a brief explanation for them.

I’ll start out with specific politicians. I supported Barack Obama, as his positions were closer to mine, and I always saw him as the stronger leader. Nonetheless, I am critical of his administration so far, but think that it’s too early to judge, anyways. Our democratic leaders in congress, on the other hand, are total fools. Pelosi doesn’t know the meaning of bipartisanship, and Reid is a gosh darned idiot. I can’t stand them, driving our country into the ground like they do. I’m not even going to bother with Bush.

*sigh* Society. I think that our society is broken, filled with prejudice and greed. We have the oppression of gays, for example. They haven’t done anything to us, so why the heck are we harming them? We even prevent them from serving our country in the military. What is wrong with us? And then we go and do things like allowing pay discrimination, and prevent finding cures for crippling disease with stem cell research. Maybe one day, these conservative fools will figure out what they’re doing to society.

Let’s talk money. It makes the world go ’round. We can’t go around spending it like it grows on trees. Obama’s budget does just that; it’s a fiscally irresponsible monster. I hope that I’m wrong, but I doubt it will do anything to help the economy. I’m not fiscally conservative, but I realize that we need to save money.

War. It sucks. There is no good excuse for such reckless destruction of life. In war, so many families are destroyed, so many lives lost. For what gain? Money? Land? “Moral Justice?” BS. War just kills people, it has no place in our society.

That’s my first angry rant. Maybe my next posts will be less angry, maybe more. Depends on how I feel. Until next time!


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