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Say no to the Dalai Lama, China encourages other nations

March 8, 2009

The Chinese government had warned countries to avoid meeting with the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader whom the Chinese government coined as the leader of the “separatists movement in Tibet.”

The Chinese foreign minister had encouraged various country leaders to avoid meeting the Dalai Lama, for it indirectly supports the Tibetans for further separatist movements.

France, in particular, is an example to this event. The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, had met with the Dalai Lama late last year, which strained the Sino-French relations even till now.

Other European countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom had also met with Dalai in recent years, but the consequences were not as dramatic, despite the incident that occurred during the Olympic flame relay in London.

Dalai, on the other hand, had argued that what he did during the past two years was nothing more than to ensure the greater good of the Tibetans in China, not to encourage independence.

(Source: ft)

My Thoughts:

As a proud Chinese, I do not support the so-called separatist movement in Tibet. There are, however, many people in the western world that supports the Tibetans. I question them how much they actually know of the entire situation, and how much of these information they got just by watching news networks like Fox, CNN, or even MSNBC. The western media plays an active role in anatomizing the Chinese government, and dramatize what things really are.

As an actual mainland Chinese, I’ve lived through eight years of my life in China. I can assure you, whether you like it or not, that China is nothing like how the western media is portraying it to be.

Nevertheless, I do think that the Chinese government’s reaction to foreign nations who simply met with Dalai is a little extreme. The Sino-French relations are a little strained these days, especially after the Zodiac statue incident. However, to encourage the boycott of Dalai Lama is a bit over the top. Needless to say, I believe that nations should be cooperating with each other, especially in this day and age, to overcome the economic crisis for which we are experiencing. Wasting time fighting over which country is meeting with what people, in my opinion, is rather pointless.

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  1. Divine Nova permalink*
    March 8, 2009 8:57 PM

    As a Chinese person who, unfortunately, has never been to China, I won’t comment too much about the Tibetian separatist movement. But, actually stopping foreign leaders from meeting the Dalai Lama is simply going too far. To describe it with a metaphor, it’s quite like hanging your dirty linen in public, and telling everyone how indescribably filthy it is.

    How the Chinese government deals with the Tibet situation is their own business, but they have no right to sway the opinions of other world leaders. This kind of behaviour is unpleasantly reminiscent of the US’s foreign policies during the Bush administration, and simply should not be condoned. I fully agree with Nocturnal that world leaders should be working together on fighting this unprecedented economic crisis than waste time arguing over petty political concerns.

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